I can offer you something which is not widely available.

Somatic Sex Coach in Brussels. English speaking. I support individuals and couples to learn to direct their own erotic development, learn about their bodies, sex and sexuality, or work through sexual issues or concerns.

What are the types of reasons to book a session / sessions with a sexological bodyworker?

Here are some popular areas you may want to explore (more in sessions section)

Lack of arousal, a decline or a change

Early ejaculation issues: learning ejaculate choice

Erection issues

Anal curiosity

Mindful masturbation coaching

Drug free sex coaching

To learn how to give / receive in sex

based in Brussels, close to ixelles, Belgium. I work with any gender, any sexuality. Everybody is welcome. I speak english only


What are the types of reasons to book a session with a Sexological Bodyworker?

Curiosity about pleasure

To feel more

To connect more

To express a greater range of sensation through the body

Lack of arousal, a decline or a change

Lack of sensation

Early ejaculation issues: learning ejaculate choice

Erection issues

Anal curiosity

Mindful masturbation coaching

Learn more confidence with the body

Learn confidence with genital image

Intimacy coaching

Drug free sex coaching

Concerns about porn

To learn how to give / receive in sex

To explore sexual fantasies

To explore Taoist erotic bodywork

Scar remediation

Embodied support around transition

Referral from doctor / therapist



Every session is unique to the client, but there is some structure and some guidelines:

Complete confidentiality: I offer a private space for you to feel comfortable, and everything we discuss and do is confidential.

There is an initial discussion on what you would like to explore during the session. 

Every session is uniquely designed to fit the needs of the individual.

Every session is co-created with client and practitioner.

Client has full consent in what bodywork is done within the session.

Client can change their mind at any point during the session,in order to have full control in what they would like to happen.

Hygiene: Please shower before the session for hygiene purposes. 

Follow up: After the session some further details may be sent to you via email in order for you to continue the development on your own, or to plan more sessions.

Below are some frequently asked questions, with answers.

What if I get an erection?   Then get an erection! Allow it, feel it, celebrate it. There is no need to feel shame in my sessions. Erections are welcome but not necessary. 

Do I have to be naked?   No. Nudity is welcome, but it is your choice on what you keep on and what you take off.

Does everything involve genital work?   No. Being curious about other parts of your body on how they can be connected to your arousal / genitals is also a big part of what I offer.

Can we meet before the session so I can get to know you?   Occasionally I can agree to a 20 min chat , but would prefer Skype or by phone. Email me on the contact page and let me know what would suit you.

Will you be naked also?   Never. Practitioner will always be clothed.



Price: Individuals
1st session 90 mins              €100
then every session 60 mins €80

5 session package (saving €80) €340    
Skype session 60 mins:           €50

price: Couples
1st session : 90 mins              €120
sessions 60 mins       €100








Can you spare me a moment? I am doing some research for my Holistic Massage business and would be extremely grateful if you could spare a few minutes of your time. Please feel free to share around especially in the Brussels area. Thank you so much


HOLISTIC massage for 1 hour, half price while i study FOR MY QUALIFICATION!: €30

The term ‘holistic’ comes from the Greek word ‘holos’ which means whole.

Holistic Massage therapists factor in the clients needs as a whole, mentally, spiritually, physically. We work ‘with the client’ rather than doing it ‘to the client’. This means that your massage is catered to your specific needs, whether its to relieve stress from a tough day, to work on areas in depth due to tension, and to work with whatever is happening to you and your body at the present time.

I am delighted to be able to offer this service to you at a huge discount while I finish my massage diploma.

This page is work-in-progress. please contact me for more info or to book a treatment.


About me.

I have to state that I am not a therapist and I am not a doctor.  This is important for you to know. I am someone who believes strongly in educating and assisting other people with their own personal sexual development with compassion and understanding. I believe there are different approaches to learning something new.  You can watch it on YouTube, read about it, talk about it.  For for me, its the actual doing that I really beginto feel I'm learning.  I can read about a recipe and watch how to make the meal. It hardly means anything until I begin to put the ingredients together, then I get a better understanding. Honestly, I'm a terrible cook,but I know with changing old habits and practicing I will get better, learn some new things along the way and be able to tailor each recipe to my desire. Its the same for sexological bodywork. I believe the same through sex, through masturbation, through intimacy, through communication with our bodies.



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